This is an informal section of the user section, showing how artists are using the RM1.   

(Cliff writing here):  I'm fortunate to have sons who have become active and accomplished musicians and songwriters.  My oldest son Kurt has been playing since he was; what - 13?; and before he left home he was in steady contact with all the musicians in my own life, learning and getting inspired.  Today Kurt plays in a variety of live situations in Delaware and has been writing songs since I can remember.  On a visit, he was up in the mic lab, getting a little guided tour from Dad, and I encouraged him to pick up a guitar and do one of his songs.  This is a very early RM1 recording, done with a pretty inexpensive MAudio "Mobil Pre" set to 44.1/16.  This was before we had made bigger gains in noise in the preamp, but it's still nice and quiet: