This is a collection of comments made by users of the RM1 (artists, producers, studios, etc).

Dave Cobb, Engineer/Producer, Nashville TN 

September 22, 2014:  Dave just won best single, best album and best artist at the recent Americana Music Awards for his production of Jason Isbell's new CD. ( LA Times Article )  Dave, who's been using his RM1 for a while now, says: 

“The new Cliff Mic’s RM1 ribbon microphone has become one of my go-to ribbon mics. It is super quiet and the sound reminds me of a hi-fi version of an RCA 44.” 

Michael Hope  ( Michael Hope ) , Recording Artist, Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra Musician  

September 25, 2014:

“ I like the space and airiness around with the (famous elite condenser microphone) but....the RM1 to me sounds fuller, smoother and more “pro”.  Also - the added presence of the RM1 really allows me to get the subtlety of the lyrics giving it an effect which is intimate and very, very sexy.”  

Valdy  (Valdy), folk/country artist from British Columbia,  Canada.  

September 28, 2014:  After his first RM1 recording session, Valdy reports this impression of the microphone:  

“Fuller, deeper, larger, … without the woof - Bravo!”  

Paul Beatty, Performer, Producer, Studio Owner (participated in the Valdy sessions)

“Totally functional, incredibly well made.  Just beautiful. That’ll do.”

On closer inspection of the mic, after the sessions: 

“Not only does this mic look like a piece of art…  it is a piece of art.  No need to compare with the best… it is the best. Period."

David O’Leary, ( Boston-based full-time professional voiceover talent and "Magic 106" FM radio personality.  

David is well known in the Boston/Metrowest area for his daily show and engaging on-air demeanor. Clients for his voice-over work include American Airlines, Carbonite, Fidelity Investments, General Dynamics, Harvard Business School Publishing, Liberty Mutual,, MTV, PBS, Ralph Lauren, Sony Pictures Sound and many more.  David's a broadcast pro,  the real deal.  

On September 29, 2014, David visited the Cliff Mics studio and debuted the RM1.  Drawing from a long, steady background and experience of using numerous high-quality professional microphones, here's what he thought of the RM1:

“The RM1 is a fantastic voiceover/narration mic.  It’s extremely sensitive and clean with impressive warmth, while demonstrating low noise, and outputting incredible gain.  I’ve used the RM1 on several different types of narration and radio voiceover, from the “big voice” radio DJ delivery to corporate and industrial work.  It just sounds great.  Plus it’s a great looking piece of gear!”

You can hear some sample recordings David made,  in our  "How-To | Record Vocals" section.  

ST, Vancouver BC based musician sends his first impressions here:

"Once in a very great while you come across something that changes the way you think about something. Less often than that you come across something that changes the way you feel about something.
The RM1 has given me cause to reconsider everything I have ever thought about recording. There’s a musical transparent honesty about the RM1. It makes me want to record."

Bill Hughes, Phoenix Arizona, Ninja Master of Analog Electronic Engineering

Bill, true unsung hero of American amplified music (former Chief Engineer/Fender Musical Instruments and inventor of the awesome Ampeg SVT bass amp), writes this in Cliff's LinkedIn page:

"Good luck to you and your new endeavor. Your microphone is a thing of engineering excellence and artistic beauty. "