This section will help any RM1 user get good, useful recordings quickly and easily. You can download any of the Soundcloud recordings used in these sections to follow and play with them, using your own familiar processing, or just play and inspect them as representative recordings. This will be a dynamic section and will expand as more user information and feedback comes in.  

Seasoned professionals might not want to read the more basic sections, but it's not a bad idea.  

First-time or "beginning" artists will appreciate a lot of this.  

We hope you enjoy and benefit from the sections to follow.  

All the audio recordings we offer for you to listen to were made using Presonus Studio One 2 recording/production software, an RME USB/Fireface UCX front end and a DW Fearn VT2 preamplifier.  All the recordings of the RM1 used the VT2 with the UCX set to line level input gain.  All recordings are primarily mono .wav files with 48KHz/24bit resolution.  The few exceptions to this will be noted.