Cliff at AES the weekend

Greetings from Ocean Way East in Framingham Massachusetts

I'm sitting here at the controls of my computer, in my "lair" with red, yellow and orange leaves falling past my window, thinking of my trip tomorrow on the "Limoliner" headed for The Apple and the 139th AES.  Memories rush at me of staying at the Waldorf in the '70's, giving AES papers and seeing Frank Zappa and the Mothers on Halloween with Mark Gander.  And later memories haunt me of hanging in open space, a hundred feet above the concrete ice-making floor,  from a hole in the ceiling of Madison Square Garden, supported only by my belt and two strong IBEW brothers (local 3?) as they ran chain motors and I connected large hardened alloy-steel bolts to secure a big speaker truss to hold my "US Sound Coherent Zone" speaker array;  one of four I designed when CADD was in its infancy and I had a computer running DOS and Generic CADD.  How far we've come (I'm hoping).  

But on the approaching Friday, it's now the year 2015 for the pro audio industry and all my thoughts are about making The Beautiful Sound for the cats; the artists and  producers and recordists.  And my thoughts are now taking me back a mere year ago when I first showed the RM1 microphone to the world, thanks to the encouragement from longtime friend Doug Fearn ( who gave me a place in his booth at last October's AES show in LA.  And who do I spy stalking about in the aisles but my old buddy Allen Sides.  After laughing at each other and having a bit of the Olde Home Weeke, Allen listens to the RM1 ("what, you did a microphone?" he asks, incredulously) and lights up when he hears it over some good Sony cans and Doug's beautiful tube preamp:

"Clifford, this is a really good microphone.  I'll help you with it". (really, Allen?  Exactly what do you mean by this...?)

The really really really short story is that I sent him one to spend some time with and (as a result of many brainstorming conversations) Ocean Way Audio is now the distributor/promoter of the RM1 (and future Cliff Mics inventions).  Not only that, but I am now Director of New Technology for OWA, infusing new innovation and invention into OWA's impressive means of making true audio magic.  Not only that, but OWA recently appointed industry leader Rick Plushner as President of the company. ( !! )  It's basically a mighty new version of the company; Rick calls it "Ocean Way Two-Point-O".  

So I'm thnking about all this stuff and about how I got here after all this adventure and about the upcoming show this weekend and about what we'll be sharing with you all soon.  So exciting.  I can't wait for you to see and hear it all, and, see...

O-o-o-o-oh baby; it's Showtime!  

"Come on down":  I'll be in the Ocean Way Audio booth 337 with my colleagues Allen Sides, Rick Plushner, Ernie Woody and Horacio Malvicino.  You'll witness the debut of daring and innovative new OWA beauties as well as the super-magnetized, ultra-quiet full-spectrum Cliff Mics RM1 ribbon mic, now distributed by Ocean Way exclusively.  And (but wait; there's even...) more.  You'll see but, more important, you'll hear lovely and thrilling high fidelity a-bounding. I hope you all can come by, enjoy a little bit of that Olde Home Week too and celebrate what we have created to make our world safe for The Goode Sounde.  And in New York City no less...

...'ayyy, New Yawkk, juss like I o-ways pichiddit...