David O'Leary using an RM1. And, wait: The AES in LA

Hey out there in Cliff Nation.  I'll be letting you know a lot of stuff from now on.  My microphone company needs to be in touch, so this will be The It on our website.

Here's something innerestin:  I brought an RM1 over to David O'Leary's studio recently.  He has what he calls a "whisper booth", one of those semi-anechoic vocal booths with a window/door, covered with carpet and really tight and dead inside.  It's where he does all his voiceover work.  Such a smart facility to have.  David's reaction to using the mic (see in testimonials, herein) was instant and a big gush.  Other than broadcasting over Boston's popular "Magic 106" fm station ("...all the hits..."), David has a strong and steady business doing voiceovers for a very impressive list of clients.  So I asked him if he wanted to "live with" the RM1 for a while and he immediately accepted.  You know, this is his profession and his living.  He is always in the process of using all the best broadcast mics you can get and has a daily familiarity with how they respond  to his voice over a good pair of headphones.  So he knows instantly what he hears, like a professional athlete trying on a new pair of running shoes.  Knowing this, I was totally excited to observe his reception to the RM1.  But, to answer what the mic is like on a daily working basis, this is a really good test of the mic on a longer time scale.  He'll be using it straight-on in creating his product: voice messages.  So I'll check back with him after I get back.  Maybe he'll report on a feeling of well-being because of the RM1's stray magnetic field (earlier blog herein).  I can only hope.

Wait: "back".  Aieee, that's right; airplane tomorrow.  

Yeah, that would be back from the AES show in LA.  The beaches, the movie-stars, the traffic on the 10 freeway.  Actually, it'll be "studio tan" time as I'll be "in the booth" (1003) the whole time.  But, man!, it's been such a long while since I've been to an AES show (memories of the Waldorf Astoria).  I've done so many papers and workshops.  Did you know I'm an "AES Fellow"?  No, this doesn't mean I'm an AES member who's a guy.  It's actually quite an honor.  But you know what?  It's also an honor to be in the booth with Doug Fearn, master of electron flow in a vacuum.  Just think about this and what it means.  Electrons flowing in space.  You can't see them but they drive speakers with pounds of force.  You want science fiction?  Just look inside your Fender twin.  Blow your mind.  Anyway (now that I think of it, more on this later), I'm honored to be sharing the booth with Doug and his venerable all-tube Made in USA hand-wired masterpieces.  Today's activity for me is mostly getting ready, get packed, see what sunglasses to bring, etc.  I'll bet some of you will be at the show.  You better come visit if you know what's good for you...