Reflecting AES and RM1

I'm thinking about the blizzard of info I got from the AES.  Some brief comments:

The RM1 is unobtrusive

Several times I pointed at the mic to someone and said "want to listen".  They smiled and looked around and not at the mic, not really seeing it right away.  Although the RM1 has a unique shape, it really does  blend.  I really doesn't draw attention like, say, a new Corvette does.  That was one of my goals, knowing it might be used on sets for video or movies.  They don't usually want this blingy thing.  It was a revelation and a happy one at that.

Off to Nipomo

I'm in Oxnard right now visiting my brother and his family.  This morning I'm off to Nipomo to the home of LR Baggs company, engineering developers of the lovely phantom preamp in the RM1.  We have worked together on a wide variety of projects over the years and the company is really dedicated to listening and making The Beautiful Sound.  I love these guys, an inspiration to me.

I guess that's it for now.  More as it comes.